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Does Marijuana Enhance Your Poker Game? An Interview With Jason Wheeler

Does Marijuana Enhance Your Poker Game? Jason Wheeler Explains Why.

Does Drug Taking Enhance Your Poker Game? An Interview With Jason WheelerIt was the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the greatest poker tournament in the world. The stakes were high, and there were only 18-people hustling for the $500,000 first prize, when one of the dealers made a mistake and very nearly handed the pot to the wrong player.

“Hey!” Said a player with his hand covering the pot, “That’s mine…look kid we are playing for over half a million dollars here.”

The comment preyed heavily on my mind because the person in question was stoned.

“Look kid we are playing for over half a million dollars here.”

I couldn’t help feel a sense of irony, that here was a player concerned that the dealer didn’t understand the magnitude of the situation, and his way of preparing for the match was to get of his tits. He may say that he was in total control, but I will beg to differ.

It wasn’t an isolated incident either. People would head out into the dry heat during the break and return with the familiar pungent odor. It honestly felt like there were more people smoking than not.

I decided to head to social media and ask people to come forward to answer the many questions I had on why people would choose to take drugs when effectively working? I am a liberal and believe that if people wish to take drugs then they should be allowed to, but I don’t believe it is a great way to prepare for a tough mental day at the races. With people trying Adderall and Provigil in a bid to extend their mental abilities why would people choose to diminish them by smoking weed?

Eventually, one man put his head above the parapet and agreed to come forward to debate the topic with me. His name is Jason Wheeler and he has been smoking far longer than he has been playing. Here he is explaining to me that if the poker world introduced random drug tests the game would come to a complete stand still.


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