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I like my Octopus live and grilled


Shock54The UK is currently a long way off the final furlong in their fight to say there’s neigh horse-meat in the country’s already fairly inedible selection of frozen ready meals. If the Western consumer thought they had it bad and are worried about the treatment of some horses in an Eastern European animal gulag then they should spare a thought for sea monsters in the Far East.

As far as Asia is concerned you need only watch an episode of An Idiot Abroad with Karl Pilkington to see the various scrapes he gets into around South East Asia. Anyone familiar with CalvinAyre.com would also be aware that eating a Balut in the Philippines is a must if you decide to visit the country. Japan seems to have outdone everyone else though.

A video has emerged online of Japanese consumers indulging in the grilling of a live Octopus that squirms and convulses and still hasn’t died by the time the video ends at 2:24 seconds.

Asia is pretty much the destination when it comes to try crazy and down-right disgusting foods so in that sense the grilling of a live Octopus doesn’t surprise us. It’s just…well…we’ll let you watch the video for yourself to decide what you reckon. Sorry PETA…

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