China to surpass USA in Apple/Android devices in next six months


china and usaSmart device sales in China are set to surpass the United States for the first time after a phenomenal quarter of growth. Statista’s latest chart of the day shows that from July to October 2012 the number of active Apple and Android devices in the country soared by 30 percent to 167 million. In the same period the United States showed only small rise to 181 million units and it remains plausible that China could even pass the USA before the feverish Christmas period.

China is far from just a market that relies on just Apple and Android though. Figures quoted on from Strategy Analytics show that when you include other phones outside of Apple and Android the number shipped in Q3 2012 hit 38.5million. Compare that to the US that saw just 26.7m and it moved Sandy Shen, head of consumer research at Gartner, to add: “Chinese brands have taken more than half the Chinese smartphone market this year, and they will take much more.”

She also stated the market is being driven by “medium to low-end smartphones” which would seem to be something that could worry Apple in the future. The news of increased device take-up in the country will have private firms in the gambling industry excited, as it’s one market that has seen little regulation as yet. It gives the nimble privately owned firms the chance to capitalize on a market that has almost unlimited potential. If it grows at the rate the casino market has in Asia and the mobile gambling market on the rest of the planet then firms acting early will be in for a treat.

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