Lina S. is our featured Ayreheads for December


Lina S. is our featured Ayreheads for December Video

Are you like us suffering from the pre-Xmas blues? You’ve spent all your money on those alluring Cyber Monday deals and don’t have enough pennies left to buy that warming bottle of single malt you’ve had your eye on. We know how it goes and luckily we also know exactly how to remedy this kind of a mood swing.

Lina S. is our featured Ayrehead for December 2012

Click the image to undress ;)

Hell, in a perfect world we’d buy you all a pint and say cheers for coming along for the ride in 2012. There’s one thing that our readers enjoy even more than booze though – scantily clad sexy women…by the bucket-load. So for an early Christmas gift we give to you the sexiest blonde on this side of Sweden…Lina S.

You’ll notice straight off the bat that Lina S is a professional at looking damn fine in front of the camera and that in itself would be enough to get you through the dark winter months. There’s more to her than a mighty fine figure and devilish good looks though.

We don’t get many natural blondes through the door and this is reason enough in itself for you guys to be salivating uncontrollably. This is obviously before you consider that she was recently crowned the Best Blonde Pub Quiz Player on the planet and if you combine this with her love for the odd game of darts then you can understand why we took such a liking to her.

If that wasn’t enough, Lina S is also a huge fan of soccer – or football for all you English folk – and has been known to out-sing all the lads on the terraces on a Saturday afternoon. She can also, allegedly, down nine pints and still stand to out-banter everyone else. Wow.

The first time we saw Lina S it was obvious she was a natural choice for one of the most coveted Ayre Heads slots of the entire year. As with all the models that came before her this one’s a keeper and will be on the site until further notice. Although we think it’ll be a task to move on from her once the month ends. Just remember though – no stalking!

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