Off the Board Video Podcast – Episode 1


This is episode one of Off the Board, CalvinAyre.com’s new sports and sports betting podcast airing each week on Thursday. It’s the first of what we hope will be many well-received episodes. Checkout Episode 2 of Off the Board here.

Off the Board Video Podcast – Episode 1 Video

Off the Board Episode 1 - NFL Season PreviewHosted by yours truly, the show came about because we wanted something for the sports fans and sports bettors. A lot of the content on our site is geared towards poker players, but sports bettors and their interests aren’t as well represented.

In Off the Board’s first episode, we discuss viewer mail. Obviously, as it’s episode one, we don’t have any viewer mail. So, after watching, please email your thoughts, comments, and questions to OffTheBoard@CalvinAyre.com, and we’ll read the best ones next Thursday.

We look at a some amazing YouTube videos; and we’ve included them at the bottom of the page.

We plan on looking at some crazy prop bets from around the web but again we need your help. If you see a prop bet online, please send it to us at OffTheBoard@CalvinAyre.com. The crazier the bet, the better, and the more fun it’ll be talking about them on air.

To help preview the NFL Season, Off the Board’s first guest is sportswriter and handicapper Matt Foust from CoverTwoSports.com and Point-Spreads.com. After discussing some of the top stories going into the new season, he gives us his picks for the AFC, the NFC, and the Super Bowl. Plus, he gave us a free pick for week one of the NFL season. He was an excellent guest and we’ll be sure to have him back later in the season.

In the last portion of the show, we introduce the Beat the Cock Challenge. We found a cock-fighting rooster that knows how to pick Monday Night Football games like crazy and each week on Off the Board, Roc the Cock and I will be picking head-to-head on every Monday Night Football game all season long. I won’t tell you who Roc picked this week, though. You’ll have to watch the show.

This has been our first episode for Off the Board, and like all pilots, there are quite a few quirks to work out. Still, we hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as we did making it, and if you like it, please tell your friends. See you next Thursday.

Bill Beatty

David Wetherill with a fantastic shot – Most people forget the Paralympics games after the traditional games but Ping Pong Player David Wetherill pushed it back into our minds with this fantastic shot.

Showboating gone Wrong – At the Tuff-n-Nuff Festibrawl this weekend. A fighter Shay Linsday gets a little cock and then gets cocked by Carlo Junio.

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