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Rounders wins weekly pollLike anybody who has ever eaten popcorn in a dimly-lit room with strangers all around, we enjoy the entertainment of a good movie. Even better is when the movie has something to do with gambling; it’s like hitting two birds with one stone (three, actually, because we love popcorn).

So in that spirit, we started thinking about what the best gambling film of all time is. And in the power of our weekly poll, we invited readers of CalvinAyre.com to pick their best gambling film of all time. Fortunately, Gigli was never brought up because, even if its far from a gambling movie, the mere thought of actually watching it was a gamble in human decency.

Of all the choices, the overwhelming favorite was Rounders starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, which got 52% of all the votes. Capturing the life of a law student who lost his entire college funds on a hand of poker and the grind it took to get it all back was about as clear a picture of the highs and lows of a poker player. Smart choice.

Coming in second was the Martin Scorsese film Casino from 1995 starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci, which got 19% of the votes.

With all the quality gambling movies that have been made, it was understandable that Others was another top choice, and so it was, getting 9% of the votes. Of the titles that weren’t on the list of choices, you can run a whole gamut of impressive gambling movies. There’s the 1974 movie California Split with Elliot Gould and George Segal, the 1989 comedy Let it Ride with Richard Dreyfuss, the 1988 movie Croupier with Clive Owen, and 2007’s Lucky You starring Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore.

Ok, Lucky You was pretty horrible. Even with Drew Barrymore in it. It says a lot if even Drew Barrymore can’t save a movie.

As for the rest of the list, there’s some pretty good choices in there encompassing multiple generations. Classics like The Hustler (6%), The Sting (4%), and The Gambler (3%) all got votes as did modern-day gambling flicks like the Ocean Trilogy (6%) and Lay The Favorite (1%).

More often than not, gambling films have given us a pretty solid two hours in the cinemas, or in some cases, DVDs. Just don’t make us watch Lucky You again. Despite cameos of a whole lot of poker pros in the movie, the film’s all-too predictable rags-to-riches plot, highlighted by arguably the most dumb-founding fold of pocket aces we’ve ever seen, is enough reason for us to stay away from that mess.

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