Riley K. is our Featured Ayre Head for August


Riley K. is our Featured Ayre Head for August Video

Of the 12 months in the calendar, August is undoubtedly the hottest of them all in more ways than one. And knowing how we love to put more sizzle into the lives of our readers, we’re going to abide by the rising temperatures and present this month’s Ayre Head, the smoking-hot Riley K!

Riley K. is our Featured Ayre Head for August 2012

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Dressed to intimidate and possessing steely eyes that would make knees of all kinds tremble in fear, Riley K. is a no-nonsense chick that commands attention by the simple act of breathing.

You know the feeling when somebody walks into a room and without provocation, conversations cease to exist and all eyes turn to that person? Riley K has that presence.

It’s more than just the spunky hairstyle – although that certain
ly adds a level of panache to her looks – or the punk-glam fashion choice, there’s something about her that exudes a devil-may-care confidence that radiates from her pores and stands out like the faux-hawk hairstyle.

The spunk is unmistakable, the ferocity in her looks is unquestionable; Riley K looks the part of a woman brimming with confidence and attitude that’s far removed from Dorothy’s daintiness.

Don’t be caught stut…stutt…stuttering in her presence because Riley K can leave you breathless with a simple arc of an eyebrow and a purse of the lips.

And when she starts talking and that sexy and disarming British accent comes out, you’ll be quick to realize that Riley K is more than just a looker; she’s got the perfect combination of eloquent smarts and dry wit that can carry any kind of  conversation. Talk to her about the things she loves and she turns passionate. Discuss world news and she has her opinions. Exchange barbs with her and you’re gonna run out of material faster than you can say your first “Knock, knock” joke.

Riley K’s combination of looks, smarts, and attitude is absolutely lethal. Best be warned, if you’re not cognizant of the facts we’ve laid out, you’re going to get burned.

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