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Star Wars Princess Leia causes a stir in art class

princes Leia

princes Leia

Were you ever a Star Wars fan? Even if you weren’t – we’re sure this will change your mind.

A model at a New York life drawing class has re-enacted a famous scene from the ‘80s blockbuster depicting Princess Leia – who is famed for her iconic big buns – with an erotic twist.

It is reported by The Sun that the model, named Justine Joli, spiced up the art class by posing in the Star Wars princess’ legendary gold bikini, before stripping it off.

According to events founder, Molly Crabapple, the royal babe was recreating the part in the movie where Leia has been chained up by Jabba the Hutt. The original scene in George Lucas’ 1983 mega hit was famed by Carrie Fisher and took people by surprise; and that was when she kept her clothes on.

Crabapple’s Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, who put on the event, says in the advert: “Do you remember that scene in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi where Leia is captured by Jabba the Hutt and he keeps her on a chain in a metal bikini?

“But then what happened? The next time we see her, she’s aboard the Millennium Falcon. So what happened on the way from Jabba’s lair to the Millennium Falcon?”

The ad concludes with: “I bet you never even asked that question! Well, luckily for you, we did and as it turns out, before she made it into space and changed out of her slave outfit, she posed for a life drawing class.”

But how much drawing would you have done in that situation? Our bet is it wouldn’t be a pencil you’d have in your hands.


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