Holly F is our Ayre Head for December

Holly F Ayre Head

Holly F Ayre HeadLife in plastic, is it really fantastic? How could it not be with this month’s Ayre Head, Holly F?

This dream girl is a Christmas gift just gagging to be unwrapped – the perfect stocking filler. But judging by her outfit, it’s not stockings that Holly wants filled – those glossy bronzed legs should never be covered up. They’re certainly enough to make any man’s sleigh bells start ringing.

Holly may look a little stiff, but we’re sure there are plenty out there dying to loosen her up after a stressful day of holiday season shopping. Bear in mind: she can be easily flexed into any position.

Loves: One of Holly’s favourite things is her skimpy wardrobe. This Barbie girl loves trying on her selection of tiny outfits. But the one thing she enjoys even more is trying them on while someone is watching. And as you can see, she’s no fan of wearing bras, so we’re guessing it wouldn’t be difficult to find a volunteer.

Holly-FHates: Holly’s pet hate is Ken. Despite being Barbie’s lover boy, Holly couldn’t think of anything worse than a plastic high school jock. Holly likes “real men” – and someone who could lift her off her feet. Is that you?

When we asked Holly F the supreme question; does she prefer drinkin’, gamblin’ or carryin’ on – she said drinkin’. Wine with mistletoe, maybe? With the holiday season being about nothing much else, she’s definitely the perfect gift to accompany your frivolous festive fun. But if she’s your present this Christmas, what will be your gift to her? Hmm, perhaps you should keep that to yourself…

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