Kim B is our featured Ayre Head for November

Kim B Ayre Head

Featured Ayre Head for September 2011 - Kim B.What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster…oh no, wait. As it gets closer we can see it’s most definitely not a monster. This month’s Ayre Head may be zombified, but she’s dead hot.

Feast your eyes on Kim B, that’s before she feasts on you. But would you mind? What man would? She’s the walking dead who likes to give…you a bite. Well, we’re sure there are many men out there who would love Kim to give them a bite, or two. And seen as though we’ve just celebrated Hallowe’en, what better than a sexy zombie to warm up our blood in the build up for winter.

Loves: Kim loves long walks at night time. We bet you do, Kim. Judging by her ripped dress it looks like she’s been wandering through those woodlands all night and day – in search for some meat. Would you be willing to let her feed on you – or is that a silly question?

Hates: Her hates are clean boys. Apparently, she likes her men all rough and ready. Maybe you could help put some more rips in that dress, or better still, rip it clean off.

When we asked Kim the ultimate question, does she prefer gamblin’, drinkin’ or carryin’ on; her answer was obviously carryin’ on. Carryin’ on all over her victim, we presume, as she hungrily turns them into a zombie just like herself. Would you like to be her flesh-eating companion? We know we would.

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