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North Dakota Strippers Make More Money


stripperIt’s probably safe to assume that strippers make good money. Men are simple. Women have boobs. Men like boobs. Women show their boobs to men for a price. At the end of the evening, everyone’s happy.

But the strippers of Williston, North Dakota seem to be the happiest of them all. The little oil boomtown might only have two strip clubs –Whispers and Heartbreakers– but  rumors are swirling that Williston strippers are earning up to $3,000 a night.

According to Melissa Slapnicka, co-owner of Whispers, they have received applications from exotic dancers in Hawaii, Alaska, even the Czech Republic and Germany. Wowsa. Bombarded with so many applications, she gives each dancer a week to try out. If it doesn’t work out, they don’t come back.

So what’s the source behind the big paychecks you may ask?

Williston is a big oil town and over the past years, hardworking, blue collar men flock to Williston for work. Usually, these men would have to leave their wives and families behind in other cities to come work here. With no wife or girlfriend to come home to, the men turn to strip clubs for some female companionship.

According to one stripper, nightly tips in Williston earn her the same amount that she used to make in an entire week in Sin City.

And the dancers aren’t the only ones in the club profiting from this. One bartender said she’s making four times as much as she used to since the oil boom.


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