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Poll shows majority of office workers believe in ghosts


ghostsAn interesting survey was conducted by Human Resources Consultancy Co. among office workers in Taiwan using 1,481 valid responses among office workers aged 25-45 years to mark “ghost month”. The results of the poll as reported by the China Post showed that almost 87 percent of the office workers in Taiwan believe in the existence of gods and ghosts, and 48 percent of them have often asked the gods for prophecies about their love life and jobs.

The most interesting finding about this poll was that, despite the fact that the people sought advice from the gods, they tend to ignore the signs and prophecies and follow their hearts or seek advice from friends if the resulting prophecies were contrary to their expectations.
Sounds like a pretty good deal. Who cares what the gods say with their divine agendas, your best friend always knows what to do.

The survey also showed that interpersonal relationships in the workplace was a major concern among office workers. According to the survey, 52 percent of workers usually wear pinkie rings, beads, talismans, or crosses, or place crystal balls on their desks to keep workplace “villains” at bay.

If by workplace “villains” they mean that nasty hang-over from drinking and carrying on the night before, there’s a better way to cure a hangover than using beads, talismans or pinkie rings.

Chen Ching-ling, Marketing Manager of the consultancy company, said that although religion could provide spiritual sustenance for people who are facing difficulties in life, it is more important to help oneself by improving one’s professional skills, working hard and being humble on the job.

Wait a minute, so you can’t get a promotion by throwing divination blocks at temples?

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