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What does your beard say about you?

Sean Connery

conneryGrowing a beard for many men is a journey that requires commitment, dedication and for some it can even be spiritual. Not every man can grow facial hair, some of us have genetic constraints, but for those that can, it’s a great way to be creative and make a statement about yourself and your style.

In hockey, playoff beards are sign of ruggedness, a sign of a gladiator committed to the battle and the more haggard the beard, the better it looks.

The great thing about a beard is that each beard has its own character, each beard says something about the man who rocks it, so what does your beard say about you?

Shaping Your Bearded Style

If you want to reshape your face or add a dramatic look to your style, aside from getting cosmetic work done or bleaching your skin, growing a beard is the best way to do it. Sideburns, mustaches, goatees and full or close beards can accent facial features, mask skin irregularities and give you stylish, artsy or distinguished looks.

baronYour facial hair can be shaped and groomed to work for you. Make-up artists working with Hollywood actors typically use facial hair to cover up a blotchy complexion, shorten wide upper lip, add width to a narrow face, balance a large beak of a nose, cover scars, firm up a weak chin, or cover up a pudgy double chin. Goatees can be used to fill out the chin and a carefully groomed one is just added style points.

Your beard and facial hair can also send subliminal messages:

For those of us unwilling to wear wigs or get hair plugs, facial hair can make receding hairlines less noticeable. And for those baby faces out there, a little facial hair can add years to your young face to make people view your immature ideas as knowledgeable opinions formed from experience, at least, that’s the idea.

There’s also sex appeal to rocking a beard but there’s a fine line. Let’s face it, a full beard doesn’t suit everyone, some of us look our best with a nicely trimmed 5 o’clock shadow. If you want to go with that Billy Bad Ass look, go ahead and shave your head and rock that 5 o’clock shadow Bruce Willis style.

mj beard

pervert beard

For instance, the short fat guy with no facial hair that makes corny jokes is just seen as a fat guy that makes stupid jokes. Add a thick and full beard to the same guy, and now he’s that charming, funny guy with the beard.


Most women love the look of men with facial hair as long as it was well groomed. Some even see thick facial hair or beards as a sign of virility and masculinity.

Best Fit Beard

If you want to know the best bearded look that suits your face and your style, visit a salon or hair stylist or examine photos and different beard styles to gain some insight on what look suits you best. The best thing to do is have a professional barber shape your beard and then you can follow that look moving forward.

Zach GalifianakisWhile most men can pull off the beard, other facial hair styles can be tricky and only your closest friends will tell you how ridiculous you look. For example, the soul patch is a rare fit, not everyone has that. The same goes for the bushy and thin moustache. For some of us, the thin moustache quickly turns into The Pervert Moustache if it’s not done right.

Bearded ain’t easy

Whatever style you choose maintenance is key. Growing a full beard requires commitment and grooming. There’s a fine line between a stylish beard and looking like you’re homeless. If you choose to take the plunge, grow the full out beard. Understand that it’s hair, just like the hair on your head, so make sure you use shampoo and conditioner instead of bar soap to keep those whiskers clean and soft to the touch, for the ladies of course.

It’s always fun to step out of the ordinary, growing a beard is a great way to make a statement about you and your style whatever style that may be.

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