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Alcohol makes you a lot cooler in cyber space

College drinkers

College drinkersAnyone that has Facebook will knows the drill on a Saturday morning. You crawl out from under the stone where you laid down last night also known as the duvet. Surely we should be rewinding here. Facebook status should have been updated whilst still in process of crawling out from under said stone. Something along the lines of “x shouldn’t have had that bottle of Tequila.” Some girls may call it sad. New research seems to show that it wasn’t in vain after all.

That’s if you measure your popularity in Facebook friends, which is what many people probably do in this day and age. A study suggests that undergraduate male students who mention or post photos of alcohol have more Facebook friends than those who don’t.

The study went to show that when they combed through 225 undergraduate profiles for references to alcohol, including photos that contained an alcoholic drink and textual references. 85.53% of profiles contained at least one reference to alcohol. On average it was 8.5! Those over 21 had 4.5 times more references than those younger and this correlated with the amount of friends they had.

“Our hypothesis is that because alcohol in college students is a predictor of social acceptance, there could be a similar correlation in the social networking world with alcohol references…[posting alcoholic references] might be a mechanism for peer acceptance,” says Katie Egan, who led the research as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin in 2009.

Having an alcoholic drink in your hand is a good thing then (we knew we were on to something from the beginning). It would probably go to explain why iGaming parties are so successful what with all the alcohol, photos and idle chitchat after they’ve happened. I’m just off to perfect my best Facebook status for the morning after Calvin’s 50th – if I make it that far!

  • http://www.facebook.com/calvinayre Calvin Ayre

    I think your liver would hate a pill that lets you drink your face off every day and the sober up.

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