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The worst ways to show you’re not into her


breakupSo many men talk about how difficult it is to read women, few of us ever stop to think about the mixed signals we may giving off to women. Is it possible that our mixed signals can make the communication lines fuzzy?

David Wygant described a number of ways in which you can tell a woman just plain isn’t into you. Things like her talking about other guys, offering to split the bill, telling you that you’re a good FRIEND are ways for her to communicate that you’re not getting any.

And while it seems like riddle to most men, is the opposite true to the same degree? One of the curveball communication signals thrown by women is that “you can’t assume that because she accepts gifts or anything nice you do for her that you’re making headway”. That’s not necessarily true for men.

Let’s not kid ourselves men, if a woman spends the time to buy a man gifts, show up with beer and chicken wings to football Sunday with boys and be the designated driver on guys night, let’s face it, that girl is probably your girlfriend pretty fast.

Another curveball women can throw is that time spent doesn’t mean quality time spent. That is, if you’re not getting to first base EVER, then you probably never will. Again for most guys, it’s different.

A woman in a man’s dwelling at the most animalistic level is a possible mating partner. That’s just science. I can’t imagine there’s many guys out there who wouldn’t give in to a woman constantly around and trying to seduce him, look what happened to Tiger.

As men, we like that, and again, that girl might end up becoming your lady and at the very least your mistress.

woman textingBut we throw the whole communication exchange for a loop with some of the ways in which men communicate that they are no longer interested.

Here’s some of the worst ways men show they aren’t interested. Do any of these methods sound familiar?

1. The Houdini- Some may say this is the coward’s way out, but the men that use this will swear it’s the cleanest break and the best way to get the message across. You don’t call, you don’t Facebook, you don’t text, you just disappear. Women hate this.

2. Man on a string- Dangle her at a distance, but never let her get too close. Eventually, she can’t take it, confronts, and that’s when you inform her you’re “not ready for a commitment.” Not with her anyways. Again, it’s not a crowd pleaser.

3. Best of both worlds- It’s one of the oldest moves in the book, the confession of an alleged girlfriend. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s not, if she accepts it and departs, mission accomplished, if she’s still down to get down…boom, best of both worlds. Try this one with the wrong women and you could find yourself and your family jewels in between her and a butcher knife.

So we’re not exactly innocent here men. Could this be the reason some women throw curveballs? Have they had their fare share of Houdini’s?

Maybe both sides should stick to just telling it how it is. Granted it takes a little fun out of it, but things would be so much easier if honesty was always the go-to policy, when it is, those are the best relationships, even if they only last for one night.

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