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Clippers celebrate Black History Month in March


For those of you across the pond that don’t know, Americans celebrate Black History Month every February. So, as you can imagine, it’s a little puzzling when the Los Angeles Clippers, an NBA team that employs many black players, decides to celebrate Black History Month in March.

The Clippers’ franchise has been known to do inexplicably stupid things in the past, and really this latest stunt doesn’t take the cake. But it does show a certain lack of PR foresight. You have to know that celebrating Black History Month in the wrong month is going to give you negative publicity and once again draw attention to gong show that owner Donald Sterling calls the Clippers.

Perhaps his heart was in the right place, the celebration did provide game tickets to children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them, but it’s clear that either Sterling and his people don’t really know or care when Black History month is, or they figured they could just celebrate in any month of the year. Either way, it’s a shameful display, and someone should lose their job for it.

My question is what kind of message is that sending to your players? What kind of message is that sending to Blake Griffin? I think the answer is obvious, it’s saying a message to everyone that “hey, nothing has changed, we’re still the Clippers and we’re still trying to screw everything up.” So thanks for the reminder, but we already knew that was the case after you traded Baron Davis and a first round draft pick for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.

The league should fine the Clippers for stupidity.

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