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Archeologists discover the ultimate fighting machine


ultimate-fighting-machineArcheologists have uncovered what might be the ultimate fighting machine capable of taking on Chuck Liddell, Brock Lesnar, or even The Rock during their collective primes.

The newly discovered Brontomerus mcintoshi is thought to have lived in prehistoric times. Nicknamed “thunder thighs,” it was on Earth around 110m years before any of those pro fighting machines mentioned above had even thought of grappling.

“It may be that males lined up next to each other, side by side, and kicked the crap out of each other,” said Mike Taylor, a palaeontologist and lead author on the study at University College London. With all seriousness that does sounds like it would be bloody hilarious to watch.

This comment was in homage to the animal’s legs that could deliver a kick up to three times more powerful than similar-sized sauropods and may well have used it to fight off others when trying to get the girl.

Really though, what would sport be like if we had these kind of supreme fighting machines available to fight in the ring these days?

Just think of it now…two of these behemoths facing off for the DFC (Dinosaur Fighting Championship) would be a joy to behold and could open up a completely new market for the betting fraternity.

Alas, it’s too bad that it will never take place but it doesn’t mean that James Cameron can’t spend 25 years creating a film on a death match series between groups of “thunder thighs.”

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