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PETA’s steamy controversial Super Bowl commercial


Deep Throating BannanaI’m going to take a wild guess that this commercial, just like last year’s commercial won’t make it on to the air, but I love where PETA’s head is right now. No pun intended.

PETA is trying to get their Veggie Love message out to the public that vegetarians have better sex. I’m not sure whether that is scientifically proven, I mean, where’s the meat?

PETA makes some very convincing arguments in this video, with scantily clad eye candy getting very sensual with vegetables. It’s enough to make you give up eating meat for an hour or so, that is, while you watch the video over and over again.

This is PETA’s second attempt at trying to get this video on air during the Super Bowl. Last year NBC said “hell no” and turned away a $3 million dollar offer from PETA.

This latest video is the casting call outtakes from the video PETA wanted to show last year. I’m not sure why they think they’ll have success getting this on the air, but I’m sure glad they’re trying. Enjoy.

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