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Phelps lands reality tv beauty

Brittny Gastineau

I think I speak for many when I say that had I known that swimming could turn out to be such a lucrative career, I would have never quit swimming lessons once I got to high school. But how can you blame me? The girls that were letting guys get to second and third base were hanging out in the hot tubs and smoking weed behind the school. Which brings me to my second point, had I known that smoking weed and swimming still go hand in hand, as proven by Michael Phelps, again, I would have never quit.

Phelps is living it up. Anytime you have more gold medals than you do balls, you’re a serious champion. Phelps, loves to party, we know he likes to hit the sticky icky pipe and now it seems he likes to skip swimming competitions to swim in Brittny Gastineau’s kiddie pool. We ain’t mad at cha Phelps, Gastineau is drop dead gorgeous and who wants to go swimming in Minneapolis at some Grand Prix anyways when you can spend time in beautiful L.A. with a gorgeous reality tv star?

Once again, Phelps makes the right call, that’s why he’s a 14 time Olympic champion. Besides, no one is betting on swimming. But perhaps people should be betting on what reality television show Michael Phelps will be in next…

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