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Minka Kelly showing how hot 30’s can be


Minka Kelly has been named Esquire’s sexiest woman alive for 2010. I’m not so certain that’s accurate, but that’s my personal opinion…But then again, if Derek Jeter is dating her, she must be legit.

The best thing about Kelly being named the sexiest woman alive is that it gives other woman, who aren’t in their late teens or early twenties a chance to feel very sexy again, and realize that people are taking notice. The fact that Kelly at 30 is being named with such huge honor really does point to the fact that perhaps 30 really is the new 20.

I know I said earlier I wasn’t sure if it was accurate, her being the sexiest woman alive, I take that back, and if you agreed with me earlier, this sexy video might make you reconsider as well. I should have known better than to second guess the greatest Yankee of our era, sorry Mr. Jeter, sir.

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